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When contributing to this fundraiser you agree that your donation will contribute to the production and distribution of the documentary. All contributors will be listed in the credits of the film unless you check anonymous. Please note in the comments section above if you want your name/title listed in a specific way. The 93rd Bombardment Group is a non-profit 501(3)(c) organization and your donation can be tax deductible.

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Dear Members and Friends of the 93rd Bombardment Group, The men and women of the 93rd Bombardment Group were WWII’s most decorated, most traveled, and most effective B-24 Bomber Group. The documentary film “Hardwick Aerodrome 104”, three years in the making, tells their stories, captures their spirit, and keeps their memory alive. This world-class documentary includes films shot during the war, interviews with veterans and family members, recent video taken at Hardwick, and stories of the daring missions of the 93rd. Using state-of-the-art film techniques, you will be able to see how Hardwick looked during and after the War. We need just $15,000 to realize the film’s full potential - bringing “Hardwick Aerodrome 104” not only to the 93rd Bombardment Group family, but also to the wider public including major networks and the internet. Doing this requires following legal protocol and performing proper due diligence. We need your dollars to fulfill this potential. Here is how this additional money will be used: Legal fees ($6,200), MPAA Ratings Review/License ($2,700), Screening ($1,000), DVD Creation ($1,000), Advertising & Additional Fees ($4,100) To encourage you to donate now, a dollar-for-dollar match is in effect until June 15. This special pool of matching funds will match the first $7,650 in donations received by June 15. This means that a $100 donation will be worth $200, a $150 donation becomes $300. Do not delay, take advantage of this matching offer. Here are four ways to donate: 1. Go on-line to the website and click on Donate to the “Hardwick” film, 2. Go on-line to the website and click on the Donate tab, 3. If you are a Facebook member, search for 93rd Bombardment Group and click on the “donate” link in the “Announcements” section. OR 4. Mail a check payable to 93rd BG. Complete the attached “Hardwick Aerodrome 104” Donation Form and return the form with your check to the address shown on the form. Also you can download and print mail-in forms at and Thank you for your generosity, Jim Root, President, 93rd Bombardment Group P.S. The stories of the men and women of the 93rd are still relevant. Their stories speak to each of us, and resonate within us still. Please make your donation now and help sustain their legacy. only provides donation tracking services, your credit card or PayPal payment is processed securely by PayPal and paid 100% directly to the PayPal account for the campaign.