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Starting with a 36-hour Hangoutathon on April 26-27, we will spend 36 days working to raise funding for CosmoQuest, a virtual research center designed for the public. Our goal is to provide anyone with an interest in space the opportunity to partner with scientists using NASA data to explore our Solar System. From the Moon to Mercury, you are invited help us do science. In exchange, we will offer you a virtual version of all the opportunities professional researchers have in their research labs. From seminars to star parties, and from planetarium shows to classes, CosmoQuest will help you learn. Recent funding cuts have made it impossible for scientists to explore all the data we have on our own, but with your help, we can explore our Solar System. only provides donation tracking services, your credit card or PayPal payment is processed securely by PayPal and paid 100% directly to the PayPal account for the campaign.